Unity Concert Series

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The world today is in a state of constant strife and disunity. Wherever we look there is more to divide us than unite. We are divided by geography, language, religion, colour and gender. For centuries, people have used art in its various hues- music, dance, theatre, painting, puppetry and sculpture, to entertain and educate. During India’s struggle for freedom, the Mahatma’s message of ahimsa and peaceful resistance reached every household through the media of music, street plays and dance. It united every Indian giving him/her the courage to do what is right. Indeed, what a great unifier art is!

It is in this context of true art being a great unifier and equalizer that Rasoham presents its Unity Concert Series, an annual festival of art. Rasoham is a private registered trust that has been actively promoting folk and classical art forms since 2007. The idea behind the Unity Concert Series is to use art to remind us of our own humanity and show us how similar we actually are in our longing for love, acceptance and harmony.

Rasoham’s Unity Concert Series is an annual event that hopes to harness the power of art and bring to the audiences several historical and socially relevant themes. The Unity Concert , as the name suggests, brings together various arts and artists in a spirit of unity and togetherness.

We, at Rasoham, believe that true art can inspire and uplift humanity. We therefore support the association of Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (IMFPA). Established in 1956, this international, for-profit association is wholly owned and run by disabled artists to help meet their financial needs. Members with a disability that prohibits them from using their hands, paint with brushes held in their mouth or feet. Living the motto, ‘Handicapped in body, but not in spirit’, the IMFPA, has over the last 50 years, brought to the forefront, the aesthetic creations of these disabled artists by providing them a platform to express their artistic talent and earn a livelihood with dignity. Rasoham salutes the IMFPA and is proud to present to each of our participants paintings by their registered artistes.








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