Rasoham’s Unity Concert Series 2012

RASOHAM 17-11-2012

Rasoham’s Unity Concert Series 2012

On November 25th 2012, Chennai witnessed the efforts of over a hundred dancers, musicians, instrumentalists, technicians, creative designers & lyricists coming to fruition in a spectacular visual extravaganza at Chennai’s prestigious Narada Gana Sabha hailed as one of the most admired collaborative efforts in Chennai’s cultural scenario. With a jam packed auditorium and a live audience of 1500, the show was a grand success. The entire show was on live streaming and available on the world wide web with an additional audience of 500 from across the globe.

Landscape of Emotions is a story of love eternal that surmounts the boundaries of geography and narrative. This production with a running time of two hours and ten minutes explored the idea of unity at several levels.

Rasoham’s Unity Concert Series 2012 was supported by Ministry of Culture, Government of India through the CFGS. The Title Sponsor for the production ‘Landscape of Emotions’ was Ford, Associate Sponsors: Greenntree & SS International Live.  The festival included a dance-performance involving 125 dancers, musicians and technicians from across Chennai, the shooting of a Documentary Film, supporting & promoting the works of Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Artists (IMFPA), and the release of Rasoham’s e-newletter ‘Rasoham Radar’ (available for download on www.rasoham.in).

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