Holistic Health Programme

Welcome to RASOHAM’s Holistic Health Programme.

This is your personalised 8 week diet & exercise programme.

You must understand that it is ONLY a combination of the right body fuel in the form of right diet and proper maintenance in the form of right exercise that can give you holistic results. A single sided approach is not the way to long term betterment. You must be 100% involved in this programme and put in your best effort for the best results.

During the programme you will:

1) Identify your METABOLIC TYPE

2) Get on a scientifically structured diet programme using Food Charts as guides meant specifically for you

3) Maintain your Daily Diet Charts and tune-in to listen to your body

4) Be on a personalised yoga programme that will help you control/eliminate current ailments and/or protect you from hereditary vulnerabilities (IDCPs- Individual Distinctive Constitutional Peculiarities)

5) Discover the path to self-healing through pranayamam and meditative techniques

Call +91-9840352792 to register for this 8 week intensive to good health and vitality!


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