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Folk  Arts

Our folk arts are dying and children, urban children in particular, have very limited access to folk arts, be it music, dance or a visual art tradition. So what do we do? At, Rasoham, we believe in inclusiveness and that offering short ‘folk dance’ workshops is not the solution in the long term. Instead, we offer workshops that lead to a longer period of training and learning that gives the participants a real peek into the rigor and complexity of training in a folk art. We wish to create an organic urban community that does not regard folk arts as the ‘other’ or as being any less complex than the classical arts but to explore the sociological, historical and artistic nuances of these folk arts.

Our Karagam and Oyilaattam workshop started as a folk dance workshop week, followed by intense weekly classes where the dancers learnt the structure, mythologies and history of the traditional ‘Oyilaattam’ from Sri. Kannan Kumar, a senior Devarattam dancer. At the end of the training period the dancers had the amazing opportunity of presenting the age old epic Ramayana in the Oyilaatam vocabulary with a live orchestra as part of the famous Mylapore Festival.

The skillful art of  shadow puppetry called ‘Tholu Bommalattam‘ in Tamilnadu is being made famous by Sri.Selvaraj.  Selvaraj, a veteran puppeteer, has dedicated his life to upholding this dying art form. School students were taken through the theories and techniques of tholu bommalaattam over a 2 day workshop. The parallel focus was on increasing and spreading awareness about global warming. The children were taken through a series of interactive sessions on various aspects of global warming. Through the techniques of shadow puppetry, we encouraged students to propagate this globally relevant message.  The purpose  behind this endeavour was to  spread the message of global warming through a folk art.

Worshops are offered on special request. Customised shows based on our ancient folk arts are designed/performed on request.


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