Chikitsa Krama Yoga

Yoga understands health and well-being as a dynamic continuum of human nature. Healing must happen at a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Chikitsa, in the general sense of the term, means therapy. If we go deeper, it means (cik- iccha) the desire to be cured, a strong intention/desire on both sides- that of the care-seeker and the therapist-to find the cure. This is the secret to successful therapy!

Chikitsa Krama is meant for healing. It aims at bringing balance at several levels: annamayam (physical), pranamayam (physiological), manomayam (mental), and deeper.

A block at the prana level manifests itself as a physical / physiological /mental imbalance. Addressing heath issues at the subtle prana level and identifying the block is the job of the therapist.

At Rasoham Health Studio, one-on-one therapy consultations have helped several ‘care-seekers’ achieve their objectives of a pain-free and healthy life.

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